Some Background

If you are interested in green energy source and maybe considering the installation of SP’s (SP=Solar Panel) in your home to generate electricity but the cost is very high, then my way to do it, in less then 100$ may be the right way for you. But first, Get a better understanding of howSP’s operate and what installation methods are available before you begin this simple project.SP’s are devices that capture and transform the light emitted by the sun into usable electrical power.
Sunlight is converted into usable power by the solar energy system installed on the roof. With the help of solar cells, When the panel receives light radiation, a conductive wire built into the panel allows electrons to flow between the N-type material and the P-type material, thus producing a direct currentSP’s mounted on the roof harvest the sun’s rays and generate direct electricitydue to the photovoltaic effect. When the panel receives radiation, a conductive wire built into the panel allows electrons to flow between the N-type material and the P-type material, thus producing a direct current. The inverter then converts the direct current into alternating current, which is then converted into the electric current as a result.

The parts needed

  1. The iMars Solar Panel (the 50W is recommended) Flexible PET Mono-crystalline Cell Battery Charger DC & USB Output for Camping RV Yacht Car Truck. The output of the USB port is the same, the output current of the DC port is slightly different, 25W is 1A, 50W is 2A.
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  2. The BlitzWolf® BW-P11 20000mAh 18W QC3.0 PD PB (PB=Power Bank) that offers high proficiency in its work. This PB is the best choice that one can have. It’s a PCBA, Polymer-based battery that can work for long hours.
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  3. Optional: USB Hub Combo 3/6 Ports USB2.0 SD/TF Card Reader High-Speed Multi USB Splitter Hub Combo. The USB Hub is optional, and is needed only if 3 charging ports that the PB comes with are not enough.
iMars 50w and 25w

To install solar panels yourself, what are the necessary preparations?

It is essential to note that solar panels are most commonly put on roofs and that their degree of performance is highly dependent on the conditions in which they are mounted. It is preferable to prepare for an inclination of between 30 and 35 degrees, a south-facing orientation. This will result in a higher yield and increased output. Along with the installation of the solar panel, you can also opt for the solar power bank. It is a perfect way to charge your phones and tablets. Along with the solar panels, these solar power banks also offer significant power support. As we all know, mobile devices need charging every day, and when on a trip, these solar power banks can offer charging facilities even when there is no power source. So, no wonder it has a high rate of usability. In the daytime, the power bank can be charged, and at nigth they can offer power support.

iMars USB in

How to, do it!

First, you need to find the optimal place for the SPwhen implemented at home, outdoors (camping Etc.) is much easier to find optimal places for the SP, a location with the most hours ofexposure toSunlight and easy access to the charging cable. the cable needed is a regular cable but if you need a longer cable than the one you have you can buy it. The BlitzWolf BW-P11 PB can be charged with Type-C and Micro-USB cable.
*don’t charge the PB simultaneously with both ports.
If needed you can hang the SP from the window by using clips. You must also take into account situations of strong wind and it is important for you to secure the panel, The structure of the window differs from house to house so I can not recommend a comprehensive solution, you will need to see how your window is built and what is the optimal solution for you to hang the PB outside the window. Another option is to stick it to the window (suction cups not included) that is facing the sun from the inside, it’s less efficient though. connect the cable to the USB in the SP and the other end to the PB, let it charge during the day and at night with the charged PB charge your Phones Tablets Etc. After the first installation It’s a matter of minutes every morning to connect the PB to the SP and If you do that every day the cumulative savings of electricity will be significant.
This solution is especially good for those whose power supply in their area is irregular and this allows them the availability of electrical energy to operate their small appliances.
The most recommended thing for those whose electricity supply in their area is irregular is to purchase an additional solar panel and a particularly large rechargeable PB that will be used for emergencies in parallel with the small PB.
Basically that’s it, hope it was a good affordable solution for you, to save the environment and save money, it’s a WIN WIN situation for you.

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I unequivocally recommend, This guide is not intended to guide installation on the roof because it is a job for a professional. Although the actions in this article do not require professional help, if you are not sure what you are doing do not take the risk, and ask for Help or advice.
I bear no responsibility for what any reader will do according to this guide.