Not many people are aware of this new trend in gardening, so right now you might be thinking… what is urban gardening? Well, it is the practice of cultivating, processing, and then cultivating in urban areas. This type of farming produces a greater accessibility to more green food than you could get at any supermarket, for anyone interested in green living this is a golden opportunity. Between other activities that can take place at these farms, there is animal husbandry, agroforestry, urban beekeeping, aquaculture, and horticulture.

In larger cities, these are usually run by the local community, as they work with animals and everything else that they may do in their specific are to generate food for the locals. Although some of these farms have paid employees, this is a work mostly for volunteers, some farms are even associated with local authorities. These farms usually try to spread the awareness of how important is farming in big communities, being the secured food suppliers of some families they show that farming is very important everywhere. At about 1996, a United Nations report estimated there were over 800 million people worldwide who grow food and raise livestock in cities.

These farms can come in all shapes and sizes. Being that not all of them focus only on farming but do aquaculture, agroforestry, etc. meaning that their installations have to be prepared for the work they do. Some are small but some can even take acres of space.

The overall impact of urban farming

Social; Urban gardening has a direct impact in society as by working together in the common goal of raising and working the farm, people make friends. And it also helps them be healthier as providing only green and 100% organic food, therefore, making the community happier and healthier. Also as these farms are usually held by a single community this can also improve the way neighboring that people see in the people next to them, because of the brotherhood they might create by working together.

Urban gardening also ensures some type of physical activity by everyone who is volunteered at these places. Just getting to the location after school or anywhere else is a workout, and most of the people who attend these places get there by walking or biking. Also, all their workout is put to good use as the work they do here truly makes a difference in the community and with the earth by being more green. And everyone who works at these places can say that the workout they got there wasn’t annoying or tedious but actually had fun while doing it. These gardens can only bring happiness to the ones who work them.

Urban gardening can also improve the financial condition of many people tight in money. With the fact that you can make your own food in these gardens and then maybe sell some of your parts to a market to get some income. Families can truly see the wonders that these gardens can do.

Also in many countries in which food isn’t really a security, the practice of these gardens can truly make a difference in the lives of people that have to struggle every day to get something to eat in their tables every day. This can not only help them get some security in their hearts that they are going to have something for dinner for sure, but also bring up their self-esteem. Feeling the empowerment that you can actually make your own food. Urban gardens are truly life changing for some.

Economic; Urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) can expand the economic state of the city they are located in by the production, processing, and distribution of consumable items. This will in a term not only lower the prices of organic food but also better its quality a great deal. UPA can also provide jobs for people who are in need, and give a better access to fresh food to people in cities who only eat processed and almost plastic food. UPA is also a helping hand for those people in the street looking for jobs and ways to make a living. There is no denial at all the facts of goodness that these farms are making.

Benefits of Urban Farming.

●        Wastewater and organic solid waste would be transformed into the resources used for growing agriculture products

●        Urban Areas that are not in use, will start to earn money and give people the benefit of fresh food

●        Pollution can be diminished by UPA, being the is an all green architecture it helps to the reduction of dirty air and pollution.

●        UPA creates jobs for those interested in making their communities a better place.

●        UPA is a great tool to fight malnutrition since it can facilitate food to those poor areas in town.These are just some of the benefits Urban Gardening can bring to your community. So what are you waiting to start to take part in this great idea? Go to your nearest garden and start making the world a better place.