Breathing clean, fresh air is a pleasure for all of us who live far from the countryside. Who doesn’t like to take a deep breath when they find themselves surrounded by clean air?

In cities, we live surrounded by pollution and pollution, sometimes up to limits that can put our health at risk. This polluted air that we breathe continuously and that surrounds us usually produces bad smells, and not only in our clothes but in our own house, making that sometimes it has a not very pleasant smell.

air fresheners
Faced with this situation, the vast majority of people have opted for air fresheners of any kind, whether they are those who are plugged into the current, those who look like figures that every so often spit out fragrances of a thousand and one smells, miraculous gels or burning oils among many types of them, and the truth is that you really notice when a home is perfumed when not, but are these air fresheners beneficial to us?

On the one hand, we have all the electric air fresheners, which are so fashionable in our country and that we can find them anyway and smells and in almost any establishment.

And how can we know that this air freshener does not harm us? Very simple, read the label, in many of them come phrases like use only in well-ventilated places, and are formulated solely by chemical compounds. Why does it have to be used in well-ventilated places? If my house is not like that I can’t use them?

Incense and scented candles are another way of decorating our home and are also very fashionable nowadays, but did you know that there are incenses and candles that emit more benzene than tobacco? This is what the OCU tells us in a study carried out in 2013, concluding that many of these significantly worsened our air quality.

And it is not only the quality of the air that worsens, but it can also cause allergies, irritations as well as breathing toxins that go directly to our lungs.

What can we do to have a fragrant and healthy home?

The fact that these air fresheners are toxic does not mean that you cannot have your house perfumed, on the contrary, there are many non-chemical alternatives that will make you enjoy a fresh and scented environment, would you like to see some?

Ventilate the room ➪ This is essential to renew the air in your home, especially in the mornings.

Air Purifier ➪ An air purifier does what its name implies, reducing pollution in your home by reducing volatile particles such as pollen, dust or smoke particles, considerably improving the quality of the air you breathe.

Scent sacks ➪ How many of you have scented sachets in your wardrobe or dresser? And what’s in it? Put aside the sachets full of balls and put on a scented sachet of natural aromatic plants, the sachets of all life, leaving a placid and natural aroma.

Natural incense ➪ The real problem with incense is combustion, it needs to be burned to give us its aromas. But not all these burns are equally toxic, so if you like to burn some stick of incense, opt for natural incense, which is not made with toxic, so that is not only what surrounds your home.

Candles ➪ Candles are another ideal option for purifying and decorating your home, but watch out! The candles we are accustomed to using are made with paraffin, a substance derived from petroleum that releases toxic compounds when burned. So don’t buy any candles, use beeswax candles, soy candles or composite candles with 100% vegetable wax.

Final tips

1.- Take care of the water: A healthy and environmentally concerned family tries to take care of the habitual consumption of water because millions of people in the world do not have access to drinking water. Avoid washing the sidewalk or car with hoses and reuse the water from the washing machine to wash the patio or fill the toilet tank.

2.- Free of insects: Harmful fauna such as spiders, malaria or dengue mosquitoes, cockroaches and bed bugs put the health of the inhabitants of a house at risk, so do a proper cleaning of your home, seal the slots in windows, avoid accumulating unused materials and use sticky traps.

3 – Clean air: Many times people are exposed to pollutants derived from the burning of biofuels to meet their food preparation needs, so it is recommended to maintain adequate ventilation of your home. Check for gas leaks and don’t smoke indoors.

4 – Reduce energy: In practically all the activities that we carry out in our home, we consume some type of energy, so it is important to learn how to use it efficiently. Check that your electrical installation is free of humidity and rodents; replace incandescent bulbs with savers.

5.- Moderate the use of the car: The expenditure on gasoline for the car is undoubtedly significant for any family budget. Try to use it as little as possible. Try to maintain a constant speed. Change the air filter periodically.