One of the main goals when talking about green living is the saving of as much energy as possible. But some people don’t know how to go about this, there are so many things that one could cut at home. But how can one be sure of the energy saving that you are making?

Another reason why you should be interested in saving energy is all the money that you can save along with the natural energy of the earth. As not many people may know how to start off, here are some tips to help you on your journey to a greener life. You do not have to do every single one of them. But doing a couple will make a difference towards a greener world

●        If you wash your clothes at a cold temperature you would be saving about 63$ per year

●        Window shades can be really helpful.Close them in the sunny side to keep out all the hot air. And open them up in winter to let the hot rays come in and warm up your home.

●        Use low flow shower heads to save you water and energy. This in a term, will save you more money given that you are saving both water and power.

●        Seal every air leak in your home and properly insulate it to save up to 20%, on heating and cooling bills. This will also help you be comfier at home.

●        Turn off the thermostat when not needed, this will save you some money too

●        Change filters for your AC regularly, as a dirty filter will cause things to run slower, therefore, costing you more energy.

●        Reduce the temperature  of your water heater to about 130 F (54 c). This will make you save some energy on electricity and water. You could also wrap the water storage tank in a specially design ed blanket to retain some heat.

●        Turn off unnecessary lights as this takes up way more energy than they actually should whenever you leave them on

●        Use natural light, it’s free and actually is better than light produced by a light bulb. Big save!!!

●        Take shorter showers a couple times a week. We’re not asking you to be smelly all around but a shortage on your shower time will take some money off your bills, it will also save some energy

●        Turn off the water when brushing your teeth, shaving, and washing your hands. These little things make up for a big part of the water and energy that is lost around the world

●        Fix any leaks on the faucet as they are very sneaky, they take lots of water and energy

●        Unplug any unused electronics. This is a major point, as these can save you a lot of energy when talking about all the other things that you can do to save energy. This can even save you about 50 dollars per day

●        Desktop computers also spend lots of energy. You can save some energy by using a laptop, they don’t spend any as they are unplugged

●        If you are not at home you can save some energy by turning off the AC

●        By reducing some of the unnecessary heat on the kitchen you will do yourself a favor and get some energy off your bill.

●        If you run your laundry in full loads you can also save some money as you won’t have to do any unnecessary washes.

●        By tossing a towel on the laundry you will get a boost on the time it dries off saving some energy and about 27 dollars a year

●        When unfreezing chicken or meat use the microwave a this can do what water does in a couple of hours in about a couple of minutes. Just be careful to not roast it

●        If you hang your wet clothes to dry off you can save some energy by not using the dryer. You only need to get them in a drying rack and let it do its job. There is no going wrong with one of these

●        That heat-dry setting is expensive. De-select it and, based on one load of dishes a day, save up to $27 for the year.

●        If you have electric heat, lower your thermostat by two degrees to save 5% on your heating bill. Lowering it five degrees could save 10%

Again, it is not necessary to do all of these at home. But take the ones that interest you more and you will be helping the green quite a bit. And there is way more things that you can be doing, just keep a lookout for those. Saving energy is expendable as it is a natural resource and we have to treat all of those with the biggest of cares so that in a near future they won’t be affected by the careless use