Light therapy or Biostimulation therapy has been used for decades to treat multiple conditions that require cell stimulation to promote the regeneration and repair of body cells. In this way, healing, tissue restoration, pain relief, and localized inflammation can be achieved.

These medical implications of light therapy or biostimulation therapy in medicine have shown through various studies the positive of its effects on health, cell regeneration, cell repair, the various clinical uses, effects and excellent results of light therapy in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Using this innovative and effective light technology, the company Beauty Devices innovates in the market with reVive Light Therapy Lip Plumping System. It is an FDA approved OTC Class II portable medical device that offers a clinical solution that can be used from the comfort of home to achieve a flawless aesthetic effect at the level of the lips and the surrounding area without having to go through expensive and painful treatment.

This innovative product has an operating mechanism based on red and infrared light (NIR) technology working in synergy to stimulate the proliferation of collagen and elastin and offer optimal rejuvenation, regeneration, and plumping of the skin of the lips in a few minutes.

1. Product details. How does it work?

Photons emitted by red light reach deep layers (without altering or burning the skin) to provide energy that activates photoreceptors and activates the production of ATP (a molecule that produces cellular energy in the body). ATP is activated at the cell level and biological and biochemical processes are triggered that allow the repair, healing, and regeneration of affected tissues.

In this way, red light and NIR can give your skin rejuvenation, anti-inflammatory properties, skin lightening by eliminating hyperpigmentation (dark spots caused by age or UV rays) and photoprotection against sun rays, pollution and climates extremes.

  2. Advantages

– Light therapy home treatment with medical/aesthetic benefits, easy and comfortable to apply.
– FDA approved portable medical device.
– It has no contraindications or adverse effects.
– Effectiveness in just 3 minutes of treatment.
– Suitable for all skin types.

  3. Benefits

– Red and infrared light therapy covers the lips and the surrounding area, providing a complete treatment.
– Anti-aging effect, recovery, and regeneration at the skin level.
– Able to treat minimal sunburn, bruising, wounds, and recurrent herpes virus lesions.
– Stimulates the production of elastin and type I and III collagen, fundamental proteins to keep the skin revitalize and with a youthful appearance.
– Minimizes and prevents wrinkles and lip grooves.
– Increases the oxygenation and circulation of the lips. Greater irrigation and greater amounts of nutrients vitalize the skin of the lips.
– Red light works directly at the level of melanin (natural pigment) to depigment/lighten and give a better tone to the skin, so you can get lips free of blemishes and dark areas.
– It increases the volume and gives a juicy appearance to the lips.

  4. How to use

• Clean the lips with a solution suitable to be applied to the area.
• Wash and dry reVive Light Therapy Lip Plumping System before use.
• Activate the device on the power button.
• Let the device act on the lips for 3 minutes.
• A red light will be emitted through the reVive Light Therapy Lip Plumping System which is not harmful to the eyes and does not require the use of protective lenses.
• The device will automatically turn off after completing the 3 minutes of treatment.

  5. Results

To obtain the desired result, it is only necessary a daily treatment of 3 minutes with reVive Light Therapy Lip Plumping System. A 3-minute daily treatment will be enough to promote and increase blood circulation, produce collagen and elastin to decrease the appearance of small wrinkles on the lips, minimize lip grooves and vertical lines known as “smoker lines”.

  6. Precautions

Light therapy is an aesthetic treatment that has been adapted for domestic use and does not present contraindications or adverse effects that make the user’s health impossible or harm. However, it is important to consult with your trusted doctor before using any home cosmetic treatment to avoid complications or unwanted effects.

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