Era of cosmetology and skincare is better than ever and with it, many products and innovations such as the Aduro 7 + 1 home Facial LED Mask that will make you look more radiant and healthy skin for any type of skin. This is the so-called photodynamic therapy that can be used independently or combined with other procedures for better results.

Approved by the FDA, the latest medical and clinical experiments conducted in the area of cosmetology and dermatology have proven that rejuvenation results can be achieved by making specific use of the wavelength of light emitted by LED light (emitting diode of light) and with its prolonged and routine use. The beauty effect is similar to that produced by the laser treatment, but without any side effects, since it is a visible light that does not heat the skin and that recovery is not fulfilled after its application. In addition, it can be used with other beauty products such as facial masks, since it improves the absorption of the product because it allows the opening of the pores and the superficial layer of the skin achieving a deep penetration.

Aduro 7 + 1 is the latest innovation in home facial LED therapy mask that combines different LED light colors and Infra-Red Skin Boosting technology causing stimulate the natural regeneration of collagen, penetrates the deep layer of the skin and breaks down the fat to get reaffirmation and remodeling of facial contour.

The LED light photons (light emitting diodes) provide enough energy to activate photoreceptors in the skin and stimulate a positive response to repair damaged cells providing anti-inflammatory properties, healing, photorejuvenation, phototherapy, prevention of hyperpigmentation of the skin, photopreparation. It is a new technique to combat, in a fast and effective way, skin conditions from the comfort of home.

Product Details

The Aduro 7 + 1 home Facial LED Mask stimulates the production of collagen and elastin 5 times more and reaffirms our skin. It favors the proliferation of fibroblasts and collagen in the skin, which helps its whitening, the reduction of pores and the attenuation of spots created by photoaging or prolonged exposure to UV rays. At the same time, it provides energy for cellular activation and proliferation, helps cellular metabolism of the skin and reduces the risk of acne, spots and premature signs of aging such as fine lines. The absorption capacity of the skin will increase significantly to be able to apply topical treatments that will benefit your skin, making it look better in appearance, texture, hydration, and firmness. The effects and properties of this home facial LED mask are similar to those that can be obtained in a salon of professional aesthetics.

Benefits of the Aduro 7 + 1 Home facial LED mask

Recommended by dermatologists for optimal care since it penetrates deeply into the different layers of the skin, the Aduro 7 + 1 Home facial LED mask has several advantages, among which effective treatment, pain free, non-invasive, non-chemical, does not produce adverse effects, can be used on any skin type, the procedure can be performed from the comfort of home with full availability and does not require recovery period after use.

Other benefits:

• Effective in the elimination of wrinkles, acne, and blemishes.
• Improves the texture of the skin, helps to firm the skin and give it a lifting effect.
• Increases blood circulation to give a more youthful appearance to your skin.
• Inhibits melanin pigment formation, which helps to eliminate skin hyperpigmentation.
• Increases the production of natural collagen to improve the elasticity of the skin.
• Use associated with topical treatments to enhance its effect


   7 Color light effects:

Our skin is sensitive to light energy and the LED visible light technology has a direct effect on it. Depending on the color that is projected (this color depends on the different wavelengths that are emitted), it will have a different and beneficial effect on the skin.

1. Red light: (620-750nm)
The wavelength of 630mm induces whitening and eliminates hyperpigmentation produced by photoaging, in addition, Red light for its regenerative effect of collagen helps to soften fine lines, reduce pores and attenuate and eliminate scars, which can leave acne or other diseases of the skin.

2. Blue light: (476-795nm)

Wavelength of 415mm, has the effect of inhibiting rapid inflammation, in the process of acne formation, Blue light acts on the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes, causing a bactericidal effect that allows a gradual improvement in the evolution of the Disease, without causing any damage to the skin can destroy bacteria efficiently, minimize acne and in a short time heal the skin significantly and eliminate inflammation. The procedure is an alternative in acne that can not be treated by pharmacological routes.

3. Purple light: (380-450nm)

Red and Blue dual band light, it is a combination of two types of phototherapy, which combines the properties of these two colors, a special function in the treatment of acne and scars produced by this pathology and the effect of repair is effective.

4. Yellow light: (570-590nm)

Produces a lifting effect, reduces redness and irritation by stimulating lymphatic circulation and initiating a rapid recovery. With this type of light so specific, it improves the texture, the resistance, the softness and the quality of the skin. It also stimulates the nervous system, improves muscle and tissue tone, and improves the immune system. Helps to relax and regulate sensitive skin.

5. Green light: (495-570nm)

Indicated to help repair pigmented skins, spots caused by sun and age, penetrating the basal layers of the epidermis. Reduces expression lines, stimulates nutrients, helps mature skin regeneration.

6. blue light: (450-475nm)

Soothing anti-stress. Relax, energize and calm sensitive skin.

7. Orange Light (560-590nm)

Indicated to treat extra sensitive skins at the time of the application of LED light. It significantly improves the absorption of cellular energy in the metabolism, having a fundamental role in cell regeneration, which gives an illuminating effect on the skin. It is ideal for the dull skin.

Results in the treatment with Aduro 7 + 1 Home facial LED mask

They can be observed from 1 hour to 24 hours after treatment, which is why it is an effective and fast treatment since the positive changes and benefits it produces on the skin are evident.

Positioning to perform the treatment with Aduro 7 + 1 Home facial LED mask

The very precise positioning or distance of the LED light is mandatory to ensure that the intensity of the light delivery covers the treatment area in order to achieve the maximum physiological effects. The exact positioning ensures that the right amount of photons is entering the treated skin avoiding hot or cold spots in the treatment area. This is especially important since a necessary amount of energy must be delivered to the skin in order to obtain the expected result. The Aduro 7 + 1 provides optical positioning systems to allow reproducible treatment distance within precise limits (± 3 mm).

Using the Aduro 7 + 1 Home facial LED mask

1. Clean the face with a beauty product before using Aduro 7 + 1 home Facial LED Mask, the results will be more effective if used with a high-quality skin care product. Products with vitamin A should only be used after using their LED Mask since these products can block the LED light from penetrating the skin.

2. Place the Aduro 7 + 1 home Facial LED Mask on your face.

3. It is recommended to use the LED skin system every day, as this will allow optimal results. 20 – 30 minutes for each daily session.

To improve your anti-acne treatment with Aduro 7 + 1 home Facial LED Mask, it is recommended to use a topical product for acne treatments. Topical products for acne should not be used before using your LED Mascara, it can be applied later.


At the moment of preferring and choosing an aesthetic treatment from the comfort of the home to treat skin conditions and to further help the formation of collagen, the best ally is Aduro 7 + 1 Home facial LED Mask. This Led mask provides all the benefits for the beauty and naturalness of the skin without undergoing a painful procedure, without disabling the user to resume their daily routine after treatment, without producing adverse effects on the skin. In addition, with the help of topical treatments, it is strengthened and helps to strengthen the anti-inflammatory, scarring, photorejuvenation, phototherapy, prevention of hyperpigmentation of the skin and photopreparation. The technique of Aduro 7 + 1 Home Facial LED mask, is innovative and helps to fight, in a fast and effective way, skin problems, improves skin condition and vitality.

M.D Maria Iglesia. Degree in Aesthetic Medicine

Prices for Blue/Red Mask 249 USD and 349 USD for the 7+1 Mask. (sponsored link, Opens new tab)